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Risky Business

Throughout my career I valued stability over taking risks. I would choose a salary over commission as it was stable, I felt more secure, plus I could count on how much funds was coming in. It was safe, and comfortable, and I felt like there was always a safety net if I knew my paycheck would be in my bank account at the end of the month. I would hear of people jumping on opportunities based on a gut feeling, or a belief in an idea or product. Whenever someone took a risk I would always have a little bit of admiration, yet at the same time think "what the hell is this person doing?"

Being risky was not a good direction to go for me, especially being a single income household for now, child support, wanting to save for that rainy day, etc. But then my circumstances changed drastically and abruptly. Suddenly, I had no company to call home, I had no idea about my career path forward, I didn't know what my next step, or role would be, I was in a new situation where I didn't know who my customers were, I wasn't sure how long the runway would last and tons of other doubtful thoughts.

In short: what the hell was I doing???

I could (and still can) begin looking for my next stable role, but something inside me started to churn. I wasn't sure if I wanted to find just another job to be safe, do expense reporting, try and get MSA's for operators, and chase rigs. It was a blast and still is, as the energy around the oilfield during a time of increasing rig count is unbelievably energetic, versus when there is no activity the energy can be depressing to say the least. I enjoy building relationships, selling a product or service to a customer, and boasting that in our industry we get to work with friends who are our customers (which is where "Frustomers" came from: friends that are customers).

After leaving my previous roll, I was asked by Laura Pommer (CEO - EnergyFunders) to join their team to help build the brand and get some exposure. I was very hesitant as I had no idea about investing in wells. I knew historically you had to know a guy that knew a guy that knew a guy. But after they asked me to join the ranks and help create some buzz around their platform which allows individuals to invest in a group of wells (think real estate investing, but for oil & gas wells). I knew I liked the team and began to really enjoy the platform and all the buzz around it. I also love our industry, and the thought of granting people access to invest in our industry and keep people working while providing affordable energy was the icing on the cake.

So I began to build content in ways that made sense to me. I hosted webinars, interactive "office hours" to reach investors in ways that were never done. I set up introductions to fellow oil & gas professionals that could help the team, created some great digital quick content to breath life in their social media accounts, did some live interview content at some events, and more. It was shooting from the hip, trying new things to increase brand awareness, getting it in front of people with the goal to: educate and expand.

Then I began to realize something: I was loving what I was doing. I loved connecting people throughout our industry. I loved introducing a new brand/company/service to people out there in new and creative ways. I loved trying new live streaming or content creation ideas. I loved creating their digital content as well as trying to gain more traction and impressions throughout their social media accounts. In short: I loved connecting people and I loved building brand awareness.

Lately I always preach "do what you love" or "follow your passion" to people, because I truly believe if you find a way of making money and you're passionate about it. Then you will love what you do more, less stress, better home life, and more. Life would be more enjoyable all together.

I had to answer several questions that the late and great Alan Watts asked "What would you do if money was no object? How would you really enjoy spending your time?" To me, it used to be an international DJ touring the world, or an actor as I love that lost hobby of mine. But lately I have realized that I truly enjoy putting people in the same room together and having them create a genuine relationship, I enjoy thinking of new and creative ways to get the brand or service in the mind of consumers, I enjoy making our oil & gas industry a little smaller as well as bringing the mood up.

Could I really try and figure out a way to do this full time and make money? I've never been a risk taker when it comes to career move or change, but I had to do something about it. The itch that connecting people in the oil & gas industry in creative and unique ways was something I had to scratch. The ability for brand exposure and establishing relationships is extremely valuable during this time in our (and any) industry.

Plus the support I’ve received from our community has been amazing, from Joe Sinnott coaching me and helping me define my goal, to inspiration from the team at Digital Wildcatters, to David Gibson who would always take the time to motivate and help push me out of my comfort zone, to my circle who’s been a great support group, and everyone else. Thank you.

So here I am, taking the chance, following my passion, trying something new.

Let's see where this goes.

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