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Cultivate your leadership potential and unlock new opportunities

Executive Crüe: Elevate Your Networks, Knowledge, and Self

What is Exec Crüe?

Exec Crue is more than just a networking group; it's an exclusive Mastermind Executive Development Program designed to unite accomplished executives, visionary founders, and leaders in a dynamic community. We believe in the power of networks, the value of genuine connections, and the opportunities they bring for growth and learning.


The Power of GENUINE Connections?

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, opportunity is not just about what you know but more about who you know. At Exec Crue, we understand the immeasurable value of crafting genuine connections with like-minded individuals who share your drive for excellence. Our community is dedicated to fostering relationships that extend far beyond the boardroom, providing opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and personal development.


Mastermind Executive Development

Our 12-month program is thoughtfully designed to provide a transformative experience. Through a blend of in-person sessions, a transformative Development & Collaboration (D&C) Retreat, mentorship moments, and exclusive knowledge-sharing opportunities, we offer a holistic approach to personal and professional development. We believe that when we elevate ourselves, we elevate our networks, and together, we create opportunities for growth and learning.


Limited Member Community

Our programs are deliberately kept intimate in size by design (Exec Crue 1.0 - 16 members). We believe in quality over quantity, ensuring that every member has the opportunity to form meaningful connections and actively participate in our events and initiatives. It's no surprise that our programs fill up fast; our inaugural Exec Crue reached capacity the day before our first official meetup.


Exec Crüe (C-Suite, Executive, Founder, Referral, Invitational):

Revenue: Minimum of $2 million in annual revenue.

Employees: At least 30 employees.

Funding: Having secured a Series A or later-stage funding.

Position: Must hold a C-level or Founder title.

Join Exec Crue and Elevate Your Journey Today!

Are you ready to embark on a transformative and inspirational journey with Exec Crue? Elevate your networks, enrich your knowledge, and enhance your personal and professional capabilities. Explore membership opportunities today and join a community that's dedicated to your success.

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Meet JP Warren - CTA Certified Coach

About the Founder:

Meet JP Warren, a visionary entrepreneur known for his exceptional ability to connect people, inspire change, and challenge conventions. JP's journey in the oil and gas industry started in 2005, but it was marked by adaptability and a knack for seizing opportunities.

After a significant pivot in his career due to industry challenges, JP's leadership shone through as he took on the role of Acting Country Manager for Archer in Saudi Arabia. He returned to Houston in 2012, dedicating over seven years to elevating Pinnergy's reputation and expanding its operations.

JP's transformative impact continued when he became Vice President of Sales & Marketing at a Project Management company, where he leveraged the power of connections to grow their online presence exponentially.

The pandemic underscored the importance of meaningful connections, leading JP to launch the successful podcast "Energy Crue" His realization that success hinges on not just what you know, but who you know, sparked his passion for deeper connections.

In 2021, JP founded Connection Crüe to help individuals and companies stand out while fostering lasting friendships. Then founding Crue Club, a membership-based Operator and Producer networking group, he began to see the power of connections and knowledge sharing, launching him to pursue his Executive Coaching Certification. Now a CTACC Executive Coach, his passion lies in elevating others' careers and journey's through a positive mindset, goal creation and accountability in executing them, and strong curated networks. It's a testament to his commitment to meaningful connections and his vision for change in the business world.

JP Warren is more than a founder; he's a connector, visionary, and catalyst for transformation. Join him in creating meaningful connections and driving change in your career and life.

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Dive into Exec Crüe - The Crude Truth Podcast

A Deeper look into Exec Crüe - Energy Crüe Podcast

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