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JP Warren (Founder) and Monika Warren (Event Director) at the first Crüe Club Networking Event

JP Warren (Founder) has 17 years of industry experience beginning his career in the oilfield in 2005 at Noble Drilling. After serving various roles in capacities from HR, and HSE, to Operations where he had the opportunity to work offshore and shadow shore base management, he went to Saudi Arabia as acting Country Manager with Archer where he oversaw the onshore operations. After coming back to Houston he began his sales career at Pinnergy where he was in corporate sales beginning in 2012. After 7 years he went to an Oil & Gas consulting group as VP of Marketing & Sales. It was during this time that Covid stopped the world and kept people isolated in their homes, it was then that JP saw a need that our industry needs to connect in non-traditional ways. From starting his first podcast "Round the Rotary with JP Warren" to hosting networking events, he saw a need for our industry to connect with genuine relationships in new ways. In 2021 he decided to step out on his own and launch Connection Crüe, as well as his next podcast project "Energy Crüe".


He noticed that over the last several years, the oil and gas industry changed dramatically, with how our industry networks and obtains an audience with decision-makers and other industry colleagues. Traditional networking avenues to get good face-to-face time ceased having its "bang for the buck". Trade shows, industry conferences, golf tournaments, and other networking events provided diminishing value and networking opportunities with who you really needed to see. Individuals stopped seeing the value of networking until it was too late. Now more than ever, it’s critical that we connect with other professionals in our industry with personal and professional relationships. Bridging the gap and building networks is what we do, and we do it the best. Through my experiences, networks, and creative abilities, I can increase your personal/professional networks and connections.


Think about the ways that we previously connected with our customers. Do those methods still work? Breakfast runs are prohibited with the majority of operators, lunches aren’t impactful, and loud, busy restaurants aren’t an effective environment to create genuine relationships. Industry networking events, although often in support of great causes, also aren’t ideal for having intimate conversations. In my previous roles, I successfully created and implemented several well-known networking events to combat the industry malaise with events that always look and feel the same. Through these events, I realized that an environment that facilitates candid and meaningful conversations creates better, deeper relationships, and I wanted to be the catalyst helping to make that happen. This is when I decided to begin Connection Crue to help companies and people stand out from all the noise in our industry, as well as create unique opportunities to build friendships that extend well past the boundary of an individual customer or sale.




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