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JP Warren began his career in the oil and gas industry at Noble Drilling in 2005 where he took a role in HSE eventually leading him to begin working offshore to learn more about the offshore rigs with the goal eventually to get into Marketing. However plans changed due to the Mocando incident when the morotarum hit the Gulf of Mexico, JP pivoted and took an Acting Country Manager role for Archer in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. As that wrapped up he moved back to Houston where he was placed in a sales/Business Development role in 2012. After a short stint in Sales with Archer, he moved to Pinnergy where he would remain for over 7 years building the company name and growing the business throughout various basins. Eventually he would take on the role of Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a Project Management company, growing it's followers from under 500 to over 5,000 in 16 months.

JP Warren - Founder 

It was during the pandemic where he realized the importance of connections and people's networks. From starting a successful podcast "Round the Rotary", then launching his new podcast "Energy Crüe" to bringing people together with the simple goal to connect people during a time when it was challenging to get in front of someone. When people lost their jobs, one thing was true: it's not what you know, it's who you know. In the summer of 2021 JP pursued his passion of connecting people, and establishing genuine relationships, forming Connection Crüe, shortly after forming the E&P Operator-focused networking group: Crüe Cliub. This is why Connection Crue was formed. To help companies and people stand out from all the noise in our industry, as well as create unique opportunities to build friendships that extend well past the boundary of an individual customer or sale.

JP was born in Houston, TX, moved to Connecticut when he was 8, and eventually coming back to Texawhere he graduated with a BBA in Marketing from Texas A&M, then went to Lille, France to pursue a Masters at EDHEC He is a big advocate of the energy industry and the people that make up the community.

Monika Warren has an extensive background in the music and hospitality industry. Having recorded and performed with various national artists for over 20 years, she was able to showcase her talents in season 5 of the Voice. Coming from a hospitality background at High-End Luxury Hotels, she was able to utilize her talents in the public relations field and break into the oil and gas business. Monika is the Connection Crüe went director aiding the founder, and her husband, and ensuring connections and events run smoothly.

Monikas' ability to bring a room together and connect with people on a personal basis is also a strength. 


monika headshot_edited.png

Monika Warren - Event Director 

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JP & Monika at the first Crüe Club Event - October 21, 2021

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