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Connection Crüe

Connecting People to People and People to Brands

Outsourced Business Development, Unique Networking Events, and Increase your Personal Network

Crüe Club

An operator-focused networking group that facilitates networking events in intimate settings. Invitational-only events with the goal to build and broaden your operator connections. Quarterly memberships are available for service business partners for access to the events. No sales pitches, just pure relationship building.

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Kids Crüe

Our job as industry professionals isn't just to provide the world with reliable and affordable energy, it is to educate our youth on what energy is all about so real conversations can occur. We are planning an industry family day where the goal will be to educate our families about energy and have fun doing so!


Unique Networking Events

What worked before in our industry with networking, doesn't today. The ability to create and facilitate unique, intimate and fun networking events allows you to build genuine relationships with your clients. We can get the right people in the room you need so you can build and strengthen your relationships

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