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Taking the "work" out of networking

Welcome to Crüe Club, a novel approach to expanding your connections and strengthening your professional networks through engaging and intimate environments. In the past, networking events have not been particularly impactful or beneficial, largely due to the mismatch between OFS companies and E&P Operators. However, Connection Crüe offers a solution to this challenge.

Crüe Club is a membership-based networking group, with a focus on E&P Operators, attended events and a carefully selected group of sponsored members, from OFS, tech, startups, banking, and Private Equity individuals. Our unique approach brings together the right people in a relaxed environment, free from sales pitches, demos, shop tours, or other expectations, to allow you to broaden your professional connections.

We simply ask that you attend, meet new people, reconnect with old colleagues, and cultivate your network, with the assurance that you will find no pressure or obligations.

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Crüe Club is a professional networking organization that was founded in Houston, Texas in the fourth quarter of 2021. In just a few short months, the organization has rapidly expanded to six locations, starting in Q1 2022. Crüe Club's focus is on creating intimate and unique networking events that prioritize authentic connections and collaboration. Crüe Club has already hosted over 100 events, with 784 operators attending from over 172 E&P Operator companies.

Crüe Community

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